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HTRBA 50/70 Division FAQs

2021 HTRBA Division Structure — Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is 50/70?

  • The newest division of Little League, introduced in 2013
  • Distance from the pitching mound to home plate is 50 feet
    (4 feet further than the standard Little League dimensions)
  • Distance between the bases is 70 feet
    (10 feet further than the standard Little League dimensions)
  • Help players transition from the Little League field to a full size (60/90) diamond
  • Leading off and stealing are permitted
  • HTRBA is offering 50/70 as an option for players with a league age of 11, 12, and 13


Q: Why is HTRBA Restructuring the Divisions?

  • The divisional restructuring will benefit all of the HTRBA families and will positively impact gameplay and instruction while maintaining a high level of player safety.  
  • This restructuring will benefit players of all ages and skill sets by:
    (1)  improving gameplay at all levels; 
    (2)  helping our youngest players better understand and enjoy the game; 
    (3)  giving players more opportunities to develop their skills; and 
    (4)  emphasizing fun.
  • The goal of the 50/70 division is to support the evolving needs of our baseball players
  • 50/70 play is designed to prepare youth athletes for a full-size (60/90) playing field
  • The field-size progression coincides with the offerings of many travel baseball programs and alternative leagues


Q: Are 50/70 players eligible for District 12 46/60 tournament teams?

A: Yes, for players that meet the age eligibility requirements.

Q: Can a 12-year-old choose the Major League instead of 50/70?

A: Yes.

Q: How does the addition of a 50/70 division affect All Star (tournament) teams? A: If there are enough interested players, HTRBA has the option to field a 50/70 District 12 tournament team. All 50/70 players that meet the age eligibility requirements have the option to play on a 46/60 team.

Q: Can any 11, 12, or 13-year-old player compete in 50/70?

A: 13-year-olds must play in the 50/70 division.

11 & 12-year-olds that are registered for 50/70 are eligible to be drafted into the 50/70 division.

Q: Can a child play on both a 46/60 and 50/70 team?

A: While it is possible that a child can play on both 46/60 and 50/70 teams (paying two registration fees), it is not recommended due to the commitment of attending two sets of practices & games.

Q: With the introduction of a 50/70 division, how will this affect the way that HTRBA honors & recognizes our 12 year-olds?

A: HTRBA will continue to honor 12 year-olds on Opening Day and look to the 12 year-olds to be leaders in the league.

Q: Are there any rules changes for the Major League division?

A: The Major League division will keep the same playing rules. 

Q: Are there any rules changes for the Minor League division?

A: For 2021, the Minor League Division will be a combination of coach pitch & modified player pitch with an emphasis on improved gameplay. This division will provide the players the time they need to develop their skills and learn the game. 


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