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Frequently Asked Questions about Parent Responsibilities
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Why are there additional responsibilities that have to be fulfilled beyond paying the registration fee?

There are two reasons for the additional responsibilities:

1.  Keep the cost of registration as low possible by keeping operating costs down.

2.  Give the players the experience of playing organized baseball at a real, clean, and well maintained Ball Park.

What are the responsibilities I will be expected to complete?

1. Preseason field clean up (at least 2 hours)

2. 3 individual fundraisers throughout the season (Winter Sales Fundraiser, Tag Day and Lottery)

3. Snack Stand Duty (2—3 shifts)

4. Field Duty (2—3 shifts)

The fundraisers which include sales made in the snack stand, cover costs that the league incurs during the season that are not covered by the registration fees.

Field duty, field clean up and snack stand duty keeps the league from incurring additional operating costs.

What if I can’t make a scheduled responsibility?

Clear and timely communication is key.  The board members understand how busy lives can be with work, family and extracurricular activities.  The board is in the same situation as you.  If the people organizing the responsibility know what the situation is, they can work with you.  Lack of communication is typically the cause of any stress or difficulty resulting from parents trying to fulfill their responsibilities.

Why is there no buy out for field duty like there is for Snack Stand duty?

Put simply, there is no one else to cover your field duty shift.  The snack stand has a pool of workers that the snack stand can contact to cover a family’s shift for a fee.  The $30 snack stand buyout goes entirely to the worker covering your shift.  There is no such pool for field duty.  If you are not there, the work does not get done.

Aren’t the lottery tickets I am expected to sell considered gambling, and therefore possibly illegal?

Every year HTRBA Little League applies for, and obtains, a license from Hamilton Township and the State of New Jersey so we can hold our annual lottery.

Why do I have to give the league a $100 work bond?

Work bonds for little leagues is a common practice.  HTRBA was very proud to not require one from its families for many years (1960—2016).  Unfortunately more than a few families every year choose to not fulfill their responsibilities and enjoy the lower registration costs while other families did the work that allowed these lower costs.

In order to protect those families that fulfilled their obligations, a work bond program was instituted so if a family chooses to skirt their responsibilities some action was available to the board to hold these families accountable.

Before a work bond is cashed the family will be notified that they did not complete responsibility and arrangements will try to be made for that family to make it up before the bond is cashed.  HTRBA does not want to cash any family’s work bond.  We want to be a community and provide a safe and memorable baseball experience to all of our players.


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